Above and Beyond Caregivers Association(also termed as Association in this agreement) is a non-profit membership based society that provides an opportunity to its members, certain third party organizations and individuals to educate themselves and publish long and short term caregiving and homecare services on the Association online website. Publicized Caregiving services on the online site may include “home care “and other “caregiving services “, offering hourly care, residential day to day living, access to events, day programming, various appointments or any similar and required service(s).

By agreeing and accepting this Disclaimer, the members of the Association allow their information, which they have provided to the Association to be published on the Association online website

As the owner of the Above and Beyond Caregivers Association website it confirms that it does not own, control, manage, offer, deliver, organize or suggest the psychological and medical care provided by the Caregivers or roommates. When parent(s) or guardians enter into a contract directly or through a third party they are entering a contract with each other. The Association or its Directors do not become a party to or is a participant in any relationship between its members and the parent(s), guardians or the third parties.

Above and Beyond Caregivers Association does not guarantee the, quality, safety, suitability, educational standards of the caregivers, their performance, conduct of any member or third party. All references, police records check(s) and certifications must be sought by the parent(s), guardians and third parties. All payments or amounts made to the caregivers for the services rendered will be decided between the parent(s), guardians and third parties.

If you chose to use the Above and Beyond Caregivers Association website as a Caregiver or Supportive Roommate, your relationships with the Association is limited to being an independent, third party contractor, and not an employee, agent, joint venture or partner of the Association. The Association or their directors arenot in control of you, your performance or the standard of care within your home or where the service is offered. The services offered under these terms specifically and includingwould be in connection with the provision of Caregiving/ Roommate Care or otherwise for which the Association bears no responsibility.

The Association website may contain links to third party websites or resources. The Third party service may be subject to their other terms and services.

By using information from the Above and Beyond Caregivers Association website to employ caregivers; parent(s), guardians or third parties indemnify the Association and its Directors. Caregivers have agreed and allowed their names, bios or personal details to be published on the Association website willingly without any compulsion and indemnify the Association or their Directors.

I agree to above terms and conditions